Formulation » Insecticide
CROPDON (Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 9.5% ZC)
Recommendation and Dose :
Crops Insects Doses (ml/ha)
Cotton Jassids, Aphids & Thrips and Bollworm 200
Chilli Thrips & Fruit borer 125
Groundnut Leaf hopper, Leaf eating caterpillar 150
Soybean Stem fly, Semilooper, Girdle beetle 125
Maize Aphid, Shootfly, Stem borer 125
Use / Benefits :
  • Cropdon ZC is a mixture of Neonicotinoid and Pyrethroid group insecticides with synergistic effects.
  • Cropdon ZC absorbed rapidly by the roots and foliage and translocated acropetally in the Xylem.
  • Cropdon ZC works as contact, stomach & systemic activity insecticide and give rapid knockdown & long residual management.
  • Excellent rain fastness.
Packing : 10ml, 40ml, 80ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml & 1000 ml.

SHAMSHER (Fipronil 40 % + Imidacloprid 40% WG)
Dose : 100 gm per hectare.
Use / Benefits :
  • “SHAMSHER has two active ingredients, viz; Fipronil primarily acts as an ingestion toxicant with some complimentary contact action and acts by interfering in nerve impulse transmission. Imidacloprid disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to excitation of nerve cell and consequently a disorder of the nervous system leading finally to the death of the treated insect.
  • “Best suited for white grub (Holotrichea consanguinea) control in Sugarcane.
  • “SHAMSHER is ccombinations of two mode of chemistry gives dual action against pests (systemic & ingestion/contact).
  • “SHAMSHER gave longer persistence with excellent control.
  • “SHAMSHER has shown demonstrable plant growth enhancement effect which will lead to higher yield
  • Dual PGE leads to better root growth, greener plants better yield
Packing : 40gm, 100gm, 250gm and 500gm.