Formulation » Insecticide
HEXAKILL (Cypermethrin 25)
Dose : 100 ml to 150 ml per acre
Use / Benefits :
  • " Hexakill has strong contact & stomach action. Also exhibits anti feeding action. Good residual effect on treated plants.
  • " It controls wide range of insects, especially lepidoptera, but also deptera,coleopteran, hemiptera and other classed in fruits, vines, vegetables, potatoes, cucurbita, lettuce, capsicums, tomatoes, cereals, maize, soyabeans, cotton, coffee, cocoa, rice, pecans, oilseeds rape, beet, ornamentals, forestry etc.
  • " It controls flies and other insects in animals houses and mosquitoes,
    cockroaches, houseflies and other insects pests in public health.
  • " It is also used as an animal ectoparasiticide.
Packing : 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 Liter