Formulation » Herbicides
CROPGRIP (Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WP)
Dose : 8 gm per acre (one unit)
Use / Benefits :
  • "Cropgrip is a selective systemic Herbicide absorbed through the roots & foliage.
  • "Cropgrip is used for the control broad leaves weeds like chenopodiumalbum l.(chil) amaranthus viridis Linn. (tandenjo) in wheat crop only take care about this product should be used after 25 days old wheat crop.
Packing : 8 gm + 200 ml surfactant (one unit)

GYPROM (Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% S.G.)
Dose : 100 gm per spray pump of 15 liter water
Use / Benefits :
  • "Effective against annual, perennial and broad leaf / grassy weeds.
  • "Gyprom is a broad spectrum, non-selective systemic, post emergence herbicides
  • "Easily bio-degradeble & non volatile in nature.
  • "It is used in plantation crop like tea, coffee, coconut, rubber, grapes,
    mango etc.
Packing : 100 gm, 1 kg

METICROP (Metribuzin 70% WP)
Dose : Sugarcane 600-1200 gm per acer, other crop - 200-400 gm per acer
Use / Benefits :
  • "Meticrop is a selective systemic herbicides absorbed predominantly
    by the roots but also by leaves with translocation acropetally in the xylem
  • "Meticrop used for pre & post emergence control of most annual
    grasses and broad leaved weeds. It used across the world in many
    crops for controlling weeds viz., cyprus, cynodon, chenopodium, as
    phodelus rotundas, avena, lolium, setaria, phalaris & alopecurus in
    cereals i.e wheat, sugarcane, alfalfa, potato, tomato, soya bean,
    asparagus, maiz
  • "It s suitable for pre & post emergence treatment since it is systemic, take up via roots & through the foliage, for a pre emergence application there should be an adequate amount of moisture in the soil to achieve good weed control.
Phytotoxicity "Phytotoxicity to many crops including crucifers, lettuce onion, sugar beet, sunflowers, flax, strawberries, sweet potatoes & tobacco.
Compatibility " Compatible with most other herbicides except in highly concentrated mixture.
Packing : 100 gm, 250 gm